Sunday, November 28, 2010


One of the requirements to my BA Honors Degree is to write a thesis!! We are talking 8000 worlds, presentation date January 17 2011. So wish me luck!!

My working topic; "How to influence sustainable architecture and the environment through the use of the roof"

I will look at the history of green roofs, from the Hanging Garden of Babylon to the 21st-centuries modern green roofs. The technical aspect of who green roof are built, divided into different categories, how the different climate influence the use of green roofs and why green roofs are important in an urban setting, benefits and disadvantages, look at possibilities in the future and last I will do a couple of case studies. So if anyone knows about any green roofs in the Dublin area (also areas from Oslo down to Gothenburg) let me know!! Thanks :o)

Here are some inspirational pictures of green roof around the world, enjoy!!

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