Sunday, November 28, 2010

DesIgN tHeoRy BlOg post nO: 3

This week’s post: a summary of the documentary, “The Genius of Design – The Ghost within the Machine.”

In the first episode, The ghost within the machine, is all about the first generations of designers and the birth of the industrial design period.

From the generation where all design were manmade, made with a passion and feelings that resulted in a creative and beautiful design product.

We get an inside look at the manmade design workshops with Glass, Clay - with the making of clay vases with figures, and Iron with the process of making the famous Darby iron pot.

As Designer we need to design to meet the need of the world and that was the beginning of the industrial design period. The industrial machines made life easier for the worker, it was time for the design world to keep up with the rest of the world, and produce more for less! But did the machine replace labor?

Henry Fords, the Model T, the black car - designed for all and to last a life time. Is a great example of the industrial design process global issues of mass production, over production and consumption. One car took 12,5 hours to built by hand, with mass production it only took 93 min. With the success of the first car, everyone wanted it and also everyone got it, and that resulted in overproduction with the lesson that people want design that can change and improve.

Good Design is as little design as possible, innovative, useful, aesthetic, honest...

We live in a design world - for us - by us!!

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