Friday, November 19, 2010

DesIgN tHeoRy BlOg post nO: 2

This weeks´ topic: How do we talk about design?

The question of the week: post any design (interior, building or a product) that illustrates each of the de

sign principals and elements.

The awareness of what the design elements and principles are, is the first step in the direction of a great and successful design.

The design elements are: Form, Shape, Color, Texture, and Light.

The Design Principles are: Proportion, Scale, Balance, Unity/Variety, Rhythm, and Emphasis.

The design principles are used to arrange or organize the design elements.


Design principles and elements in Tadao Ando`s Church of Light.

The room is very balanced with the symmetrical feeling in the design. The color, material and texture on the light concrete walls and ceiling creates a unity, and against the heavy dark timber floor and furniture, the contrast of light and dark within the room creates a rhythm and a variety.

The design of the four rectangular forms that creates the shape off a cross together with it proportion and scale, creating a feature by letting natural light get through it and making this truly an emphasis design.


The use of light, different shapes and form create a building with proportion. The design on the buildings facades creates different proportion between the white shapes and the same shapes used on the windows in s darker color. Light has been used to improve the main feature on the facades, which also create rhythm.


The bronzed door is an example of the design principle - Scale. The doors are in an bigger scale than a normal door, as well as together by the use of a different texture on the doors the building gets variety and the doors become one of the main features on the buildings facades.


The symmetrical design creates balance and unity within the church interior design. Skylight, colors and light create a cross in the ceiling. This makes the interior reflect the main purpose of the space, with a relaxing, balanced and united feeling.


The rhythm and variety in this image is created by the use of different colors and shapes.


The emphasis in this image is created by the bull painted on the wall. The bull gets a special attention due to the rest off the room, the lady and the cabinet in pink has all an elegant and classic look.


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