Friday, December 17, 2010

DesIgN tHeoRy BlOg post nO: 7

A summary of the documentary, “The Genius of Design – part 5 –Objects of Desire.”

The last part of this five episodes documentary is about how the world has change over the last 30 years, from 1970 till present. The design had changed focus over the last decades and the need for individual desire and the need to sell more has become an important fact in to days design world. Throughout this episode we get a closer look at the design and development of Marc Newson`s, Lockheed lounge, Juicy Salif, the Rover chair by Ron Arad, the Charon Bookcase, “the Memphis period” with the steel Kettle, Macintouch and computers, and at last we get as inside look at the mass production company IKEA.


Marc Newson is a high profile modern designers. He started out designing in his backyard, buying one and one piece after he got the money for it. One of his most well known and also one of his first design furniture where the Lockheed lounge (1986). This chair is known to be one of the most desirable furniture in the world and were auctioned to the price of 950 000£. Marc Newson is also known for working towards issue with mass production and how to make this objects become as desirable and with the look of a handmade design object. The ultimate goal for every designer is mass production!

The Rover chair by Ron Arad is a symbol of the post-war-design, changes in the design world were in the air. And the fashion capital Milan in Italy, showed the world an industrial and philosophical affaire with design.

Charon Bookcase design by Ettore Sottsass in 1981. This bookcase was new, different and colorful and was a start of the, so called, Memphis period.

´Memphis` symbolized the everything goes attitude and the end of the old modernism. To design a Memphis design, the designers have to be able to master the roles before break them!!

In 1986 did the worlds most famous industrial designer Michael Graves successfully design a steel Kettle, mass production with charisma. The main base is steel, with a blue handle that symbols a cold area, a red bird is places so when the water is done it sings and gives the design a bitt of personality. The red symbols the hot area. 1 700 000 of this kettles have been sold.

Back in the days paintings were the symbol of wealth and luxury, today design objects it the new trend!

Juicy Salif was design by Philippe Starck in 1990. This is a design that is not Design after the famous saying, form follows function. It is not functional at all, but it has an interesting design and lets the user see how the juice goes down i

nto the glass. Philippe Starcks are the most self-published designers in the history of the world.

The revolutionary history of Macintouch and apple mac started in 1984 and is a dawn of a new age. Their purpose was to design an everyday object for the everyday people. One place for everything, a desktop with symbols and functions, making life easier.

IKEA a revolutionary retail store that sell flat packed furniture. People are saving money on IKEA s long lasting, sustainable, flat packed furniture. It is modernism that meet the `Memphis` for the price of peanuts. IKEA is the most successful, global furniture company of all time!

The history of industrial design is the story of capitalism of designing more for less!

The main issue in to days design world is how to make design ecological and environment friendly. In 2008 did Clen Oliver Low design the ´Think chair´, which with its eco-friendly and non-toxic materials is a reproduction chair, since you can demolish every part of the chair, so called down-cycle the chair so it can be recycled. This is a part of the design process cradle to cradle.




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