Friday, December 10, 2010

DesIgN tHeoRy BlOg post nO: 6

A summary of the documentary, “The Genius of Design – part 4 – Better Living through chemistry.”

Part 4 is all about the design world from 1950`s and 1960`s. New design materials and design objects such as Plastic, Tupperware, Verner Panton and the ‘S-Chair’, and the development of Sony radios.

Plastic was the new material of the 1960s, it was rock and roll and an idea of a new beginning after the post war period. This material was revolutionary and I was not ONE thing it was a multiple. It was a teenager material, portable, disposable, it was a skift in generation of everyday living.

Verner Panton was the first designer to design a successful furniture from one single piece of plastic, totally seamless. It was a long process of finding the right plastic material and the result was the S-Chair, 1959-1961.

Tupperware is known for being one of the most durable design of the 20th century. Its design has always been taken for grated, but 96% of all American homes has Tupperware! Tupperware is designed in action and is a design for everyday practice in life. It was a product that was not understood till it was demonstrated and that’s how the Tupperware parties begun. Housewives attended Tupperware parties to buy the popular object with were perfect for its food and left over storage. Tupperware were only sold at house parties and not in the stores.

In 1956 did Britain get their first motorway, M1. This was a sign of where the world where heading. Margaret Calvert the graphic designer that design all the street signs along the road. It was all about fitness for purpose and simplicity. Calvert road-sign design were a sign of changing times.

One of the biggest postwar British designers, Robin Day and in 1963 did he design the Polyprop chair, it was a success and are still hard to beat to day! It was quality, strong, light weighted, comfortable, washable, stackable, perfect for public use, very cheap, fast produced, its plastic, cost efficiency, it has a social concept, its fit for purpose – a everyday purpose!

Development of radios.

Sony become the leading company of technical design where plastic was used on lid, buttons ect. it was a portable design and the details were fantastic! It become a new human experience and it was all about being able to bring you freedom with you, like the music from a walkman. 1955 were the year Sony launched their first portable radio, and it was amazing!

SK4 record player/radio by Dieter Rams & Hans Gugelot in 1956 was one o kind, radical, nothing like it, it was esthetic. Not only was the technical aspect new, but so were the use of plastic lid and buttons invited the consumers to play. It was design with form follow finction.


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