Friday, February 11, 2011

DesIgN tHeoRy BlOg post nO: 9

Group Question #6

Are the criteria of value the same for different types of art works (painting, literature, music, architecture)? If not, how and why do they differ?

After talking about this question in our group, we came to the agreement that the criteria of value is not the same for the different types of art. Art is different in the way they are presented.

Art in music is the rhyme of each note in combination to each other and some time the contrast of notes and text.

While in paintings it is the visual presentation and combination of shape, colours, balance and proportion ect.

In literature people expect the text to have a point and meaning.

And in architecture people expect the design to satisfy the user.

All in all, the success of art will be depend on the audience!

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