Thursday, October 28, 2010

DeSIgN tHEorY bLOg PosT nO.1

For my design theory class I have to start a learning log, and every week I have to write on my blog responding to my teachers “question of the week”…

For the extra curious once, here is the link to my design theory class blog…

So this weeks´ topic is: IDEOLOGY

And the question of the week is;

What is your own ideology in your studio project?

Regarding my mini project the ideology in this project has been to create an apartment where the troubled teenager can feel at home, safe and welcomed, a place where they can adapt into a “normal family lifestyle”.

To create a successful home for the teenagers, they need their own bed- and bathroom, giving them a place that is only theirs, and a place they have to take care off alone, and at the same time they can be a part of the social area by using the area within the apartment that focus on each of the teenagers´ main interest and skill. Such as, an art studio, a library full of books, big kitchen with a herb garden and a guitar corner. This is so their interest hopefully will grow and develop, and maybe help them find out what they want to studying in college. By placing this area in the common rooms the teenagers will learn have to interact with other youths, as well learning something new.

I have not clue if I am on the right track here, but after my understanding of it, is what I have mentioned above the ideology for my mini project.

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